What Is Low T?

First off, testosterone is a natural hormone that is made inside the human body. Men produce more of it than women do. When you reach puberty testosterone levels spike and are responsible for creating your deepened voice, the side of your penis as well the size of your testes. Throughout adulthood it will keep your muscles and bones strong. In addition, it is the driving factor behind your interest for sex.

testosterone_in_the_human_bodyOnce you reach the age of thirty you will experience a gradual decline in the amount of testosterone that your body makes. This will come along with a decrease in your usual sex drive. When you experience other problems like depression, diabetes, high blood pressure and even coronary artery diseases the underlying cause may just be low testosterone in the body. This fact has come to light in the medical world greatly over the past few years.

So what should be your normal testosterone level? The base range is about three hundred to eight hundred nanograms per deciliter. Keep in mind that every man is different that’s why there is such a wide range you could fall into to have a normal testosterone level in your male body. Your doctor will want to do a blood test to check for a low testosterone level if you tell them about your condition.

Low testosterone can be brought on by a lot of causes, not just aging. These other causes include an infection, HIV, chronic kidney or liver disease, obesity, diabetes, hormonal disorders, testicular cancer, or injury to the testicles. In rare cases, genetic factors and certain medications can lower testosterone production in the body. If you have a low testosterone level for too long it can lead to decreases in bone density. This basically means that your bones become more prone to breaks. It is a good idea to look into a testosterone boosting supplement to help decrease your likelihood of a bone fracture.